Crandall Park Beautification Committee

From its playground and pavilion to its duck pond and dog trail, Crandall Park offers all of us (two-legged or four) a place for relaxation and recreation.

It’s the mission of the Crandall Park Beautification Committee to ensure that’s the case for years to come.

     The Crandall Park Beautification Committee would like to thank all of our friends who have supported us so generously over the years. In recognition of the tremendous economic pressure our community is experiencing as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, we have suspended ad sales for this year’s July 4th Concert program.
We wish everyone a safe journey through the rest of the year!
In gratitude to all those businesses, civic groups, and individuals who have supported us in the past, we will keep last year’s program ads posted here and we ask all of you who love Crandall Park to support as many of these businesses as possible, especially during these difficult days.



Who we are.

We are a donation funded organization to improve the appearance of Crandall Park.

Who We Are

What we do.

We create and manage projects that will benefit Crandall Park to preserve it for our future.

What We Do

How we do it.

This is what we can learn on this website. Feel free to have a look and then donate please!

How We Work


We need your help!
Your donation goes directly to our projects. No administration costs apply.